Hawaii Travel Guide

This post is very much overdue, but let me tell you!!! Hawaii is the greatest place in the world ever.

After my trip to Hawaii I made it a life goal to save up as much money as I can and then sell everything and move there because there is no place in this world that could make me happier than Hawaii…okay, maybe Wafflelove or a LANY concert but you get the point.

Soo…Hawaii. Here’s my two sense of things you have to do in Hawaii. We traveled the big island and then went to O’ahu. I would highly advise going to multiple islands if you do go to Hawaii rather than staying on just one because honestly, each island is so different. Okay, here’s my list w/ pics people. Enjoy 😉 I also have to give credit to the best app ever..”yelp”. I don’t think I would have been able to survive Hawaii, in knowing where to go and where to eat, etc, if it wasn’t for my favorite app ever. I seriously love “yelp” and will support it until the day I die.

  1. Food Trucks. Food Trucks. Food Trucks. ….did I mention food trucks?




2. Food. Okay, the amount of food trucks there are in Hawaii are amazing. BUT the acaii bowls in Hawaii are absolutely devine!!!



everywhere you go…especially on the North Shore there are amazing Acaii Bowl places. I promise you they are to die for you. No lies here, all truth.


They also have these random places on the side of the road that they sell these pineapple drinks at. I actually think they sell these pretty much everywhere, probably depending on which island you are on. While I was in O’ahu, we found these everywhere.


Macaroons…need I say more?




In O’ahu there is also this little bake shop named Punalu’u and they sell Malasada’s and it was love- at- first- bite for me. I’ve been hooked ever since and it’s honestly one of the top reasons why I am wanting to move to Hawaii. No joke.

3. Landscape. Scenery. It’s all beautiful.

We decided to go to two islands. We went to Kona, the Big Island, as well as O’ahu. Both islands look completely different, but they are both so beautiful and unique in their own ways.

Here is scenery from Kona:








Kona Hawaii.

Here is scenery from O’ahu vsco_032417-3vsco_032417-4vsco_032117-2vsco_032117-1vsco_032017-3vsco_032017-4vsco_032017-1vsco_032017-2vsco_032417-2

4. Historical Landmarks. Pearl Harbor, US Arizona, US Missouri…need I say more? But these museums are a must see if you go to the island of O’ahu.


And lastly, you must MUST go to the Polynesian Cultural Center. I didn’t take many pics while there because I was honestly in such awe at how amazing everything was there. I had the opportunity of going to a luau and the night show. It was honestly so incredible.

I could go on for ages, but seriously I love Hawaii.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stay away for good 🙂



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